Crèche (under 3s)

There is a unmanned crèche at the 10am Leamington Road Service available for parents to use.  Parents are welcome to stay or rejoin the service.

Little Cogs (3-7yrs)

It’s a well known joke that the answer to every question in Sunday school is “Jesus!”, but in Little COGS we take great pride in seeing the children learn that in their whole life Jesus is always the answer.

Along with the singing, dancing, laughter, balloons, glitter and other messy stuff that always accompany the group, it is a pleasure to see these children grow more and more in their faith.  Please pray for us, that God will continue to give us the energy, enthusiasm and inspiration we need to teach this group.

Middle COGS (7-10yrs)

COGS helps children to explore the Bible and respond to God. We use a whole variety of approaches to inspire children to meet God through the Bible. We use Urban Saints Energize material to help the children develop in their faith.  From time to time children are also offered simple Bible reading notes or other resources.

All COGs

On Sundays during school holidays we have All COGs sessions for all ages which gives other members of our Church an opportunity to work with our children.   The sessions are usually play based. We are always grateful for extra help and support.

Re:Vive on Sundays (10 – 18yrs)

Re:Vive on Sundays provides the transition for young people as they continue to explore their faith and discover their place in the Sunday morning service and is split into two age groups, 10 - 14 and 14 - 18

Re:Vive (10-14) aims to help the young people grow in their understanding of God and their personal relationship with Him.  The Urban Saints Energize resource for this age group offers thought provoking material and creative activity mixed in with fun and games

Re:Vive+ (14-18) is in the format of stand alone sessions which teenagers can choose to opt into as an alternative to the Sunday Service.  the aim is to continue to support young people on their journey of faith as they find their place and ministry in the wider church.


Re:Vive Youth Group (11-18)

Re:Vive exists to be a safe place that inspires young people to grow a deep, personal relationship with God, and encourages them to develop into young men and women of substance. Re:Vive is much more than a 90-minute Thursday evening meeting. It is a community of young people who want to know more about Jesus, whilst having some fun! 

You can find out more by finding us on Facebook.


This group has a passionate mission to connect with children and their families in our local community. We aim to build bridges and reveal God’s love and compassion through personal relationships. We want families in our community to feel at home in Church and to know that it is a place in which they are always welcome and valued.

All Stars(Styvechale Grange Church Centre)

All Stars Too (Knoll Drive)

We are a relaxed but lively group where parents, grandparents and carers meet on Wednesday mornings during term times 9.45am – 11.30am. It is an opportunity for experiences to be shared among the adults and friendships to be formed over a cuppa, while the children can play in a safe environment under their supervision. There is plenty to keep the children entertained too. For the last 20 minutes of the session we have a singing and rhyme session. This all seems to be a winning formula.

These groups provide a perfect opportunity for the Church and our local community to get to know one another in a non-threatening environment.