Hearts to Serve

Do you have a heart to serve - but don't know where?


How can I serve God and His Kingdom beyond the church?

Has God got a special ministry for me serving my neighbours, my friends, my workmates?

Has a season passed on something I have been doing - how do I graciously move on to serving in a different capacity?

Is there a new ministry area that God wants me to be the pioneer in establishing?

Hearts to Serve is a 3 week course - 

Providing an opportunity for each of us to discover God’s unique design – so we can each serve according to who He made us to be. Discovering our combination of spiritual gifts, heart passions and personal style; complemented by our God-given abilities and experiences.

This course will be running from Wednesday 25th April 7:30pm for 3 weeks in the Church Centre. Please sign up in the church porch or email the office.

Please note that due to the nature of this course it is important that you are able come to all three sessions. There will also be exercises for you to take away and complete in your own time.