At St James we want to give everyone the opportunity to be involved. A key value for us is gift based ministry where we believe that everyone can have a part to play in us realising our vision at St James. As part of our vision we imagine a church where young and old alike discover their purpose in God so that they are equipped and empowered for ministering both inside and outside the church. 

There are lots of ways to join in and be a part of St James beyond turning up on Sundays. Here are three particular ways you can join in:

1. Get Connected

The most Important connection that we make is with God. That is why on Sundays we gather together for inspiring worship and Biblical teaching which is meant and engaging. We expect to encounter God and be transformed by him. Within our church we also recognise the importance of prayer - and you can find out more about our gatherings for prayer on our term card.

As well as connecting with God we want to connect with one another. This is where our small groups are really important. Part of becoming committed followers of Jesus is working out what it is to be part of a meaningful community which it is difficult to do on a Sunday within a bigger group.

Small groups for children and young people meet on a Sunday. For the rest of us (including young people and students and young adults) these happen midweek in people’s homes. To find a group please email us.

2. Serve Others

In realising our vision we want to provide people with a variety of opportunities to use the gifts and abilities that God has given. As we pursue our vision to bring transformation to our communities, Coventry and beyond we recognise the need to involve as many people as possible. 

We would invite everyone to be involved somewhere. We’ve got teams for audio-visuals, Sundays, children, youth, worship, prayer ministry, admin and much more. We aim to be as flexible as possible around people’s availability.

Please email us if you are interested in getting involved.

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3. Give Financially

We believe that financial giving is a key part of growing as committed followers of Jesus. Contributing financially to St James is a meaningful way to express our part in helping to realise the vision of our church. Our activities and staffing are funded by the income from our buildings and the generous giving of our congregations. We love seeing people give in faith in order to help us to increase the capacity of what we can do to realise the vision God has given us.

Giving by monthly standing order is best for tax efficiency and planning.  You can also give on a Sunday with cash or weekly giving envelopes.  More information about giving and giving forms are available here.